Forget 420—710 Dab Day Is Here and We’re Celebrating!

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Welcome to Solar Cannabis Co., your home for everything you need to celebrate 710! At our Rhode Island dispensary, we’re here to help you find the perfect cannabis products for your needs. Whether you’ve been enjoying weed for decades or you’re just starting to explore your cannabis options in Rhode Island, we’re excited about getting to know you and helping you create your ideal weed experience.

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What is 710?

It’s likely that you already know about 420—a worldwide weed holiday when cannabis enthusiasts around the world come together to celebrate their love for cannabis. 710 is a more specific celebration of weed, created by fans of oils/concentrates. Flip 710 over, and you’ll see that it looks like the word oil (also referred to as concentrates), describing the form of cannabis that’s used for dabbing.

What is dabbing vs. smoking?

If you’ve never tried concentrates before, be warned—these waxy or oily forms of weed extract are super-high in THC. With concentrations of THC up to 90% or more, dabbing concentrates creates an intense high that’s tough to recreate with other methods of ingesting weed. There are a variety of terms for concentrates, including butane hash oil (BTO), shatter, crumble, and honey oil. Usually, concentrates appear as a sticky/gummy yellow or brown wax.

The intensity of dabbing isn’t the only appeal—fans of the technique also love how quickly the high hits. Dabbing involves vaporizing the cannabis concentrate instead of smoking it, creating fewer byproducts and a potentially healthier experience than other ingestion methods.

710 Deals at Solar Cannabis Co.

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We offer a ton of different cannabis products at Solar Cannabis Co., including all of the weed concentrates and oils you need to celebrate 710 in style. Some of our most popular cannabis brands include Mammoth, Fire Ganja, and Deep Green. If you’re not sure about how to get started with dabbing, talk to us about our dab tools, and we’ll help you get everything you need.

Enjoying Cannabis in Rhode Island

Recreational cannabis is legal throughout the state of Rhode Island, making it the perfect place to enjoy your 710 holiday! That being said, it’s important that you keep in mind state and federal regulations around the use of weed to ensure that you don’t get hit with fines or penalties.

In Rhode Island, you’ll need to be at least 21 years old in order to purchase weed (don’t forget your government-issued ID). You can have up to an ounce of weed on you when you’re in public, as well as up to 10 ounces at home. Unlike some states that have legalized cannabis, you’re also allowed to smoke or otherwise consume weed in public in Rhode Island anywhere that a person would be permitted to smoke cigarettes. Cities and towns are permitted to pass ordinances that ban smoking or vaping in public places, so be sure to check up on the rules in your area before lighting up.

At Solar Cannabis Co., we’re here to help you with all things cannabis related. Feel free to reach out, stop by, or check out our online menu to make an order. Happy 710, and we’ll see you soon!

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