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Mammoth Inc is a medical marijuana cultivator and solventless extraction facility, based in Rhode Island. The company operates a modern-day, state-of-the-art center that focuses on cannabis flower, pre-rolls and solventless products.


Product Line:

Mammoth cannabis products include:

  • Flower: A variety of strains from indica, Sativa and hybrid plants.
  • Pre-rolls: Featuring flower from indica, Sativa and hybrid plants
  • Solventless products
    • Dry Cure Mix Spec
    • 2nd Press Live
    • Mixed Micron Dry Cure
    • Solventless Pod Live
    • Mixed Micron Live
    • THCA Diamonds
    • 90u 1st Pull Live

Mammoth Cannabis FAQs

What is different about Mammoth?

Mammoth distinguishes itself with expert use of its recirculating deep water culture and led fixtures. The company combines this with personal attention and care from the beginning of its processing to the end. This focus produces the highest quality cannabis products available in today’s Rhode Island market. Specifically, Mammoth uses the following methods:

  • Solventless Extracts are filtered through a variety of micron screens and created through a unique process that uses ice, cold water, heat and pressure.
  • Mammoth’s Flower, sold in grams and pre-rolls, is grown hydroponically with current culture nutrients, using a unique undercurrent system that is completely natural. Mammoth weed includes absolutely no insecticides or pesticides in its grow and cultivation process.

Mammoth labs weed also relies on telemetry data that is constantly monitored through a series of sensors and monitors to maintain quality and consistency in its products. Each Mammoth product is tested by an independent, third-party lab as another step to assure quality is maintained. That’s how the company ensures its commitment to high quality cannabis.

Mammoth Reviews

Mammoth cannabis products received praise from medical marijuana patients who rely on the company’s products for relief, including high marks for consistency, quality and potency. Reviewers also gave good marks to the medical cannabis cultivator’s large variety of solventless cannabis products in varying forms, which also received great reviews for the potency of the product. This is especially relevant to medical cannabis patients who seek higher grade cannabis for relief of health conditions. Reviewers like Mammoth’s focus on medical cannabis.

Where to Buy Mammoth Cannabis Products in Rhode Island

Mammoth products are sold at Solar Cannabis Co. in Warwick, RI, a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary that is committed to serving its customers with the finest cannabis flower, concentrates, vape carts and edibles.

Buy Mammoth cannabis products at Solar Cannabis Co.

At Solar Cannabis Co. we are passionate about the cannabis we sell and the customers we serve. As part of that passion, we want to fulfill our obligation to help our customers and medical cannabis patients find the right products they need for the relief they see. Whether you are a recreational or medical cannabis user, we will help you find the products that works best for your needs. We believe in educating our customers, so we promise that when we learn more about the life-changing benefits of cannabis, we will share that knowledge with you.

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